Monterey Bay Whale Watch Photos
Killer Whales Attacking Gray Whales


010TwoKWsBetween 020GrayCalfOnMom 030KWsSurroundGray 040GrayOutOfWater
Killer Whales between
mother & calf

Gray whale calf
on top of mother
Killer Whales
surround calf
Killer Whales
ram Gray Whale
050KWSurfaceUnderGray 060KWDamagedFin 070KWOnTopOfGray 080KWFemalesWithYoung
Killer Whale hits
calf from below

Killer Whale with
damaged fin
Killer Whale on
top of Gray Whale
Female Killer
Whales with Young
090KWBreach 100KW2MalesPursue 110KWRamsCalfRT 120KWBbetween
Killer Whales breach
after feeding

Males pursue
Gray Whales
Male Killer Whale
injures Gray Whale
Killer Whale between
mother and calf
130KWInjury 140KWFeeding 150GWCarcassDA 160KWCalf
Killer Whale injures
her dorsal fin
Killer Whale feeds
on Gray Whale
Gray Whale
Killer Whale calf
learns to hunt


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