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Monterey Bay Whale Watch
List of Marine Mammal Sightings
in the Monterey Bay Region

December 1-31, 2008

Note -- In addition to sightings on Monterey Bay Whale Watch trips, this list includes all reported marine mammal sightings for this region. Unusual sightings of other marine animals such as Leatherback Sea Turtles and Basking Sharks are also listed. California Sea Lions, Harbor Seals, and Southern Sea Otters, which are seen on all whale watching trips, are not included in the list.

These sightings are copyright protected and may not be used without permission from Nancy Black. All rights reserved. Unauthorized use of this information is a violation of federal copyright law, and is subject to prosecution to the full extent of the law.

Date #     Type of Animal(s)

12/31 p.m.     Gray Whales
  100      Risso's Dolphins

12/31 a.m. 11      Gray Whales
  500      Risso's Dolphins

12/30 p.m.     Gray Whales
  100      Risso's Dolphins

12/30 a.m.     Gray Whales
  50      Risso's Dolphins

12/29 p.m.     Gray Whales
  410      Risso's Dolphins

12/29 a.m.     Gray Whales
  350      Risso's Dolphins

12/28 p.m.     Gray Whale

12/28 a.m.     Gray Whales
  50      Risso's Dolphins

12/27 p.m.     Gray Whales
      Killer Whales
  150      Risso's Dolphins

12/27 a.m. 10      Gray Whales
  100      Long-beaked Common Dolphins
  300      Risso's Dolphins

12/26 p.m.     Gray Whales

12/26 a.m.     Gray Whales
  50      Risso's Dolphins

12/25        No trips - Christmas

12/24        No trips due to weather

12/23 p.m.     Gray Whale
  30      Risso's Dolphins

12/23 a.m.     Gray Whale
  10      Dall's Porpoise

12/22 p.m.     Gray Whale
  10      Long-beaked Common Dolphins
  200      Risso's Dolphins

12/22 a.m. 100      Long-beaked Common Dolphins
  100      Risso's Dolphins
      Northern Fur Seal

12/21 p.m.     Killer Whale

12/21 a.m.     Gray Whale

12/20 p.m.     Gray Whales

12/20 a.m.     Gray Whales

12/17 1000      Sea Lions

12/16        No trip

12/15        No trip

12/14 100      Long-beaked Common Dolphins

12/13        No trip

12/12     Humpback Whales

12/11        No trip

12/10     Humpback Whales

12/9     Humpback Whales

12/8        No trip

12/7     Humpback Whales
      Minke Whale
      Dall's Porpoise

12/6 p.m. 200      Long-beaked Common Dolphins
  400      Risso's Dolphins
  12      Dall's Porpoise

12/6 a.m. 10      Humpback Whales
  400      Risso's Dolphins

12/5     Humpback Whales
  30      Long-beaked Common Dolphins
  500      Risso's Dolphins

12/4 500      Risso's Dolphins

12/3        No trip

12/2     Humpback Whales
  75      Long-beaked Common Dolphins

12/1        No trip

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