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Monterey Bay Whale Watch
Map of Marine Mammal Sightings in the Monterey Bay Region

August 26 - September 25, 1998
compiled by Richard Ternullo


Marine Mammal Sightings Map (21K)

Note: Numerous California Sea Lions, Harbor Seals, and Southern Sea Otters are seen on all trips, and are not plotted on the chart.

Periods of strong northwesterly winds have made conditions favorable to localized krill abundance, thus attracting large baleen whales in moderate numbers. The focus of baleen whales has been changing daily and forecasting where they will appear next is difficult. Look for baleen abundance to decline during late October and early November with sightings mostly of migrating individuals heading south to wintering grounds.

The most extraordinary baleen whale sighting is of a North Pacific Right Whale. This would be even more valuable if photographic and written documentation were available. These whales are still more likely to become extinct in our lifetimes than to survive as a species.

Among the toothed whales, common dolphin of both species continue to be the most frequently sighted. Pacific White-sided Dolphin sightings remain unusually low. Killer Whale sightings seem rather frequent, and at least twenty-five identifiable individuals have been recorded.

Click for daily sightings list 8/26 - 9/25/98 (corresponding to map above).

The sightings plotted above were compiled by Richard Ternullo for the period 8/26/98 to 9/25/98.

Sightings reported by Cheesemanís Ecology Tours, G. Fisher, N. Lemon, B. Lucas, L. Oliver, Monterey Bay Pelagics, Monterey Bay Whale Watch, S. Munro, H. Neece, Oceanic Society Expeditions, R/V Pt. Lobos, R/V Shana Rae, Shearwater Journeys, J. Williamson.

Copyright © 1998 R. Ternullo. No reproduction of the map or use of the sightings information is permitted without prior approval.


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U R Here Sightings Map 8/26-9/25/98

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